Information for Coaches

For RHS Coaches

Coaches, the Rodriguez Athletic Boosters are here to support you and our student athletes.

What We Do

Since 2006, the Athletic Boosters has funded over $110,000 in team expenses for the benefit of our student athletes. These expenses were for the purchase of sports equipment, tournament and competition fees, safety equipment, transportation and other team needs. We are proud to be able to provide resources above and beyond what is available via our limited funding from the school district.

How Coaches can SUPPORT

    • Encourage your team parents to become members of the Athletic Boosters($20 or $40/yr individual membership fee). Our goal is to have 50% team participation, with membership fees going directly to support the scholarship program.
    • Encourage your college bound Senior Athletes to apply for the Athletic Booster Scholarship(s). These scholarships are funded by membership fees and administrated through the Assist-A-Grad organization. The current requirements for consideration are as follows: a. Parent/Guardian membership in RHS Athletic Boosters, b. Active participant in at least one event or fundraiser for the Athletic Boosters, c. 3.0 cumulative G.P.A.
    • Encourage your team parents and athletes to participate in one or more of our annual fundraising activities.
    • Encourage parents to participate in the e-scrip programs where merchants make direct contributions to the Athletic Boosters based on purchases, with no additional cost to parents.

Funding Requests

To request funding, the Head (varsity) Coach must approve the use of funds, and submit a funding request form to the Athletic Booster Board  prior to the general meeting. The Board will review, and then the request will be presented at the general meeting for approval. The Coach or a designated parent must attend the meeting to present the funding request. In general, funding requests are honored though our general funds. To ensure funding, the team should have meaningful participation with Athletic Boosters, as demonstrated by annual membership and assistance with fundraisers and activities.

Restricted Funds

On occasion, a fundraiser will be held for the benefit of a specific team. These fundraisers must be approved by the Athletic Booster Board in advance of any communication or activity.  A portion (currently 10%) of the proceeds from the fundraiser will be held in general funds to cover administration and to benefit all teams. The remainder will be earmarked for the specific use of the team fundraising, and can be used to cover expenses not eligible for funding through the general fund (uniforms, end of season banquet/awards, individual athlete expenses, etc.)

Click here to download and print the funding request form: FundsRequestForm